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Installing your own AT&T Internet can save you time and money. But whether or not you can install AT&T Internet yourself depends on what type of service you sign up for and how long your home has had AT&T services.

If you can install your AT&T Internet service yourself, you should see this option when you order your Internet plan. AT&T fiber optic Internet plans are more likely to require professional installation by an AT&T technician.

We'll go over the pros and cons of installing your Internet service yourself and help you decide whether to set up your new AT&T service yourself or schedule a professional installation appointment.

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  • Which installation is right for you?

Pro Install vs Self Install

Install Pro

How to install AT&T Internet | (2) Advantages:

  • Entire installation carried out by technicians
  • Issues addressed by Tech
  • Possibility to move modem/router to another room

How to install AT&T Internet | (3) Disadvantages:

  • Installation fee up to $99.99
  • Appointment required
  • 4-6 hour appointment commitment

Install yourself

How to install AT&T Internet | (4) Advantages:

  • No appointment necessary
  • Cheaper
  • Fast and easy

How to install AT&T Internet | (5) Disadvantages:

  • Doesn't always work
  • It may not be possible to move the gateway location
  • Problems with your network may not be checked
  • Limited troubleshooting support
(Video) How to set up your ATT DSL Broadband Modem Router Internet WiFi Gateway

Self installation for AT&T Internet


What you need:Self-installation kit, AT&T compatible modem, Bonus: Android or iOS device with AT&T app

How long does it take:Approximately 30 mins

Will AT&T self-install work for me?

It depends on whether your place of residence has wiring for the same type of AT&T Internet service that you get.

For example, if you get AT&T fiber optic internet but the house was last wired for AT&T DSL, you need professional installation.

The best way to find out if self-installation will work for you is to ask AT&T when you order services.

Self-installation is a good option in these circumstances:

  • The residence recently had AT&T services (particularly apartments).
  • You can set up your gear conveniently.
  • You can afford to wait for a professional installation appointment if a self-installation doesn't work.

If you decide to do the self-installation but encounter a problem, you can always do soContact AT&T customer service onlineor by calling 1-800-288-2020.

How long does AT&T self-install take?

You can complete your AT&T self-installation in about 30 minutes.

  • Device assembly: 10 minutes
  • Turn on the device: 1-5 minutes
  • Registration & Activation: 5 minutes
  • Wi-Fi setup: 10 minutes

Professional installation for AT&T Internet

Cost:Up to $99 for DSL, fiber and landline wireless

What you need:One attendant 18 years or older with access to the inside and outside of your residence

How long does it take:4-6 hours

A professional installation is more expensive and requires more planning, but is more thorough and successful than a do-it-yourself installation. A technician comes to your home, connects your home to the network, runs the appropriate wiring within the home and sets up your devices. You don't have to do anything except be present during the installation.

Who should get a professional installation?

AT&T's self-installation is quick and easy, but it's not guaranteed to work. In addition, the decision to install it yourself comes with some limitations.

We recommend professional installation if you don't want to risk the self-installation failing and consequently waiting for an appointment with a technician. Professional installation is also a good idea if you plan to move your AT&T gateway to a different room, which requires an adjustment to your home's network cabling.

Professional installation is a good option under these circumstances:

  • Your home has not had AT&T service for more than 12 months.
  • Your home’s cords and outlets look old or damaged.

You want to move the location where your AT&T gateway is installed (or will be installed) to another room. Check out our guidewhere to place your routerto learn more about choosing the best spot in your home.

What you need to install AT&T Internet yourself

You'll need an AT&T self-installation kit to get started. You must also have the correct cabling installed to connect your home to the AT&T network - the exact cabling you need depends on the type of AT&T Internet service you are subscribing to.

AT&T Fiber Optic Internet Requirements

To install AT&T fiber optic internet yourself, you will need the following:

(Video) 1 Gig AT&T Fiber Internet Installation

  • LWL-Drop-Cable.This fiber optic cable is attached to the outside of your home from a telephone pole or the ground. Fiber optic drop cables look flat and flimsy compared to telephone or coaxial cables.
  • Optical Network Terminal (ONT).This terminal is a small gray plastic box with an AT&T logo on it. You can usually find it in a closet or on the wall in the living room, basement, garage or even outside the house near the power meter. The fiber optic drop cable is connected to the ONT.
  • AT&T Fiber Optic Self-Installation Kit.AT&T's fiber optic installation kit includes a Wi-Fi gateway and all the cables you need. You can order your self-installation kit when you sign up for your plan.

Requirements for AT&T Internet/DSL

  • Phone-Drop-Cable.This telephone cord attaches to a telephone pole or underground on the outside of your home. Telephone cables are rectangular in shape and thicker than fiber optic cables.
  • AT&T telephone network interface.This interface is a gray plastic box mounted on the side of your house, usually near the power meter. The telephone line cord is connected to the AT&T telephone network interface.
  • Broadband Wall Socket.This wall jack is an Ethernet port that carries an internet connection to your Wi-Fi gateway. You can also get away with using a phone wall jack in conjunction with an ethernet/phone splitter.

How to order your AT&T self installation kit

You can order your self-installation kit when you sign up for your AT&T service. If you have not ordered a self-installation kit at this time, you should be able to order one by contacting usAT&T Customer Service, provided self-installation is possible at your address.

What is included in your self installation kit

Your AT&T self installation kit includes the following:

  • AT&T Wi-Fi Gateway (combination of modem and router)
  • Green Broadband Ethernet Cable (AT&T Internet/DSL)
  • Rotes ONT-Ethernet-Kabel (AT&T Fiber)
  • Yellow ethernet cable
  • Power cord (may consist of 2 parts)
  • Telephone cable grey
  • instructions

Check your internet speed

Download ourspeed testApp to ensure you get the most out of your new internet service.

Check your internet speed

Use ourspeed testto ensure you get the most out of your new internet service.

Problems with an AT&T self-installation

If you're having trouble with a self-install, check the lights on your AT&T Wi-Fi gateway. The Broadband LED and Service LED should be solid green. If it doesn't, try these quick fixes first:

  • Check that your cables and connections are correct. Follow the instructions that came with your self-installation kit.
  • Reboot your AT&T Wi-Fi Gateway. To do this, unplug the power cord, wait 15 seconds, and then plug it back in. Wait about 5 minutes for the gateway to restart.

If you are at a loss, you can always contact usAT&T supportfor help.

AT&T gateway is online but has no internet connection

If your gateway is online but you still don't have a good internet connection, try general troubleshooting.

Start with our guide onhow to set up a home wi-fi network, as it can help with general steps you may have overlooked.

Next, try our Internet and WiFi troubleshooting guides:

  • How to extend your WiFi range
  • How to improve your WiFi in 10 easy steps
  • No internet connection troubleshooting guide

How to order a professional installation from AT&T

You can schedule your installation appointment when you sign up for your service. If you ordered a self-installation kit but choose to do a Pro installation, you can call AT&T Customer Service to set up an appointment.

You can check the status of your installation appointment at any time by

How to prepare for an AT&T Internet installation

  • Ensure that a person aged at least 18 years is present during the entire installation (4-6 hours).
  • Prepare access to your crawl space and attic.
  • Move any furniture or equipment to give the technician access to wall outlets and outlets (technicians are not allowed to move furniture or personal items).
  • Secure all pets from the areas where the technician will be working.

AT&T equipment rental

Unlike many other ISPs, AT&T does not offer you the option of replacing the AT&T gateway with your own equipment. However, you can use your own router behind the AT&T gateway, but you still have to pay the rental fee.

The rental fee for an AT&T Wi-Fi gateway is $10 per month, which is slightly lower than the average equipment rental cost.

(Video) AT&T Fiber Internet Customer Service just blows my mind! I can't even....

Which installation option is best for you?

If you think your home is ready for AT&T service, self-installation is worth a try. Doing it yourself is cheaper and faster than professional installation. If you need more security or want a more thorough setup of your AT&T Internet service, professional installation is the way to go.

Have you chosen AT&T's services? Enter your zip code below to see what's available near you.


Can you install AT&T Internet yourself?

Yes, you can install AT&T yourself. However, installation may depend on the type of service you are ordering and whether your home already has the necessary connectivity.

How do I get my AT&T self installation kit?

You can get an AT&T self-installation kit when you order the service. If you have already signed up for service, you can contact AT&T Customer Service to order a self-installation kit.

What is AT&T's installation fee?

AT&T professional installations typically cost $99.

Is AT&T self-installation free?

Yes, AT&T self-installation is free. However, not all homes have fiber-to-home cabling and it needs to be professionally installed.

(Video) AT&T Smart Home Manager

How Much Internet Speed ​​Do You Need to Work From Home?

Should you rent or buy your modem and router?

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Find providers near you

Find providers near you

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Can I set up AT&T internet myself? ›

No worries – it's easy!

Our simple instructions will show you how to set up your internet. No tools or technical skills are required. Unpack your easy-to-use kit and connect your new gateway with the included cables. Once it powers up, connect your devices to your network.

How do I turn my AT&amp T Wi-Fi on? ›

Turn Wi-Fi on and off. From a device that is connected to the AT&T Wireless Internet network, open the web browser then go to http://att.wirelessinternet. Enter the Admin Login, then click Login. Note: The default admin login is attadmin.

Can AT&T fiber be self installed? ›

All AT&T plans currently include standard installation at no additional fee. But, if you wish to skip the hassle of booking an appointment or would like to do things on your own, you can install your service easily with AT&T's self-installation kit. You don't have to be a technical expert to do it either.

Does AT&T internet need a router? ›

Your AT&T modem/router is required for your internet connection to work. You have the option to connect your own router. When a secondary router is connected to the AT&T modem/router it will be important to set up an IP Passthrough.

How do I setup my AT&T modem and router? ›

Connect your router

Connect an Ethernet cable between the Ethernet port of your DSL modem and the WAN or Internet port on your router. Turn your DSL modem and router on. Turn your computer on.

How do I install my own modem? ›

  1. Connect one end of the coax cable to a cable wall outlet, and then connect the other end to the modem.
  2. Connect the power cord to the modem, and then plug the other end into an electrical outlet. ...
  3. Wait for the Online status light on the front of the modem to turn from flashing to solid.

How do I connect my router to my ATT fiber modem? ›

Steps to Use Your Router With AT&T Fiber
  1. Connect an ethernet cable from the AT&T Gateway to the WAN/Internet port of your router. ...
  2. Perform a power cycle: Turn off the AT&T Gateway and your FlashRouter.
  3. Power the Gateway back on and wait for it to fully boot up.
  4. Power your FlashRouter on.
Jun 18, 2021

What do I do if my AT&T Wi-Fi wont connect? ›

Restart your AT&T Wireless Internet device by switching the power button to OFF then back to ON. Refresh the network list again. If still unable to detect the AT&T Wireless Internet SSID, it may be necessary to perform a device reset to restore factory settings.

What do I do if my AT&T Internet is not working? ›

Power cycle (reboot) your AT&T gateway - Unplug the gateway from the power outlet in the wall and wait two minutes before plugging it back in. After the Power, Broadband, and Service lights on your gateway turn green, verify that your connection has been restored.

Why is my AT&T modem not working? ›

Make sure your line filters are installed correctly and aren't defective. Turn the modem on and off. Check your modem light indicators. If your Power light doesn't light up when the modem is plugged in or turned on, the modem may not be getting power.

Does ATT fiber require a modem? ›

Yes. For fiber internet, you need a modem to connect your house to the internet. For fiber internet, this is the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) that the AT&T technician will install in your home. You'll also need a Wi-Fi gateway that creates the home network for your devices to connect to.

How do you self install fiber? ›

How to self-install fiber
  1. Locate your fiber network terminal.
  2. Connect the fiber terminal to the network box.
  3. Plug in your network box.
  4. Connect your device to the network box.
  5. Set up your home Wi-Fi network.
Jan 24, 2022

Does AT&T give free modem? ›

A Wi-Fi gateway/modem and installation are included with all Access from AT&T plans at no charge.

Does ATT internet require a phone line? ›

Most major fiber providers, including AT&T, Frontier and Verizon, use a 100% fiber-optic network, which means fast download and upload speeds, supreme reliability and no need for a phone line.

Does ATT provide free modem? ›

If you opt for the former, AT&T provides you with a modem. However, for DSL internet plans you will have to pay equipment rental fees of about $10/month. The rental fee is waived for AT&T Fiber plans and equipment is included free of charge as long as you maintain internet service with AT&T.

How do I connect my router to my ATT Gateway? ›

Connect your Device (Basic Setup)
  1. Connect the Ethernet cable from the internet port on your router to a yellow Ethernet port on the AT&T gateway.
  2. Make sure your router is not on the same subnet as the AT&T gateway. This can lead to IP address conflicts. By default, the AT&T gateway is set to 192.168. x.
Aug 8, 2017

Do I need both a modem and router for WiFi? ›

If you wish to use WiFi or connect numerous devices, you'll need both a modem and a router. You can only connect one computer at a time because most modems only have one LAN Ethernet connector, but a modem won't provide the same level of protection as a router.

How do I setup a router and modem at home? ›

Connect the modem power cord into an electrical outlet, then connect the other end to the modem. Connect one end of one Ethernet cable into the back of the modem, then connect the other end into the Wide Area Network (WAN) port on the router.

Can I install a router myself? ›

You will also need a modem and a router, which you can either rent from your internet provider or buy yourself. A self-installation kit usually includes these important items: Modem/router (if you're renting one from your provider) Coaxial or phone cable.

How do I connect my AT&T fiber optic cable? ›

Locate the AT&T broadband wall jack in your home (typically near the floor of the living room or closet). Connect one end of the GREEN data cable to the wall broadband port and plug the other end into the gateway's broadband port. Use the BLACKpower supply cable to connect the gateway to a power outlet.

What router do I need for AT&T fiber? ›

Best router for AT&T Fiber 300: TP-Link Archer A7

This router can reach gigabit speeds over a wired connection, but we chose it for the AT&T Fiber 300 plan because of its wireless speeds, which are far more suitable for a mid-range plan. Customer reviews really set the TP-Link Archer A7 apart.

Why does my Wi-Fi say Unable to connect? ›

If the Wi-Fi router and modem are yours, try turning them off and then on again. Unplug the router and modem's power cords from the power outlet for 15 seconds. Plug the power cords back in. Check that all cords and cables are secure at both ends.

How do you solve a problem with Wi-Fi can't connect to this network? ›

To run the Network troubleshooter

Select the Start button > Settings > Network & Internet > Status. Under Change your network settings, select Network troubleshooter. Follow the steps in the troubleshooter, and see if that fixes the problem.

Why would Wi-Fi not connect? ›

Check for Physical Connectivity Issues

Sometimes internet connection may fail due to simple things like a loose or unplugged network cable, modem, or router. If you're on a wireless network, your computer's wireless network interface card might be turned off.

Why is my AT&T Wi-Fi saying connected but no internet? ›

The error message stating that you're connected to Wi-Fi, but not the Internet means that your device is connecting to your local network (your gateway), but cannot connect to websites or servers.

What does the WPS button do? ›

Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) is a feature supplied with many routers. It is designed to make the process of connecting to a secure wireless network from a computer or other device easier.

Why is my modem not connecting to my router? ›

You'll want to check the cable between the modem and the wall socket, the cable between your modem and your router, the power cables to both the modem and the routers, as well as the Ethernet cable that's plugged in at the back of the router. Even if a cable looks connected, it could be slightly loose.

What does WPS mean on ATT router? ›

Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) provides a fast, easy way to connect your WPS-enabled devices to your hotspot Wi-Fi network without having to manually enter the password. Note: For GoPhone Users: Your device will have a different home screen showing 'To check your data balance, go to'

Can you set up internet without a provider? ›

Now, it's possible in many places to get a high-speed internet connection without a landline or cable television service. Depending on where you live, the best options for how to get Wi-Fi without cable or a phone line include satellite internet, fiber internet, 4G or 5G internet, fixed wireless or a mobile hotspot.

How do you set up your own internet? ›

How to self-install home internet
  1. Identify where to place your modem/router.
  2. Plug in your modem, and then plug in the router (if they're separate devices).
  3. Activate your internet service, if necessary.
  4. Set up your Wi-Fi network.
Jun 29, 2022

How do I setup my AT&T modem with my own router? ›

Connect your router

Turn off your computer and DSL modem, then disconnect the Ethernet cable from your computer. Connect an Ethernet cable between the Ethernet port of your DSL modem and the WAN or Internet port on your router. Turn your DSL modem and router on.

Can you provide internet for yourself? ›

Yes, you can create your own ISP. Plenty of people have undertaken this task, especially in rural or remote areas where high-speed internet is hard to come by, such as areas without cable or phone lines.

How can I get free Wi-Fi at home without internet? ›

Neighborhood WiFi

Head over to a neighbor's house and ask them if you can use their WiFi. They might not agree, but if they do, you can use their password to connect to their network. If any of the WiFi networks nearby your home are unlocked (meaning they don't have a password), click on them and try to connect.

Do you need a phone line for fiber optic internet? ›

Most major fiber providers, including AT&T, Frontier and Verizon, use a 100% fiber-optic network, which means fast download and upload speeds, supreme reliability and no need for a phone line.

Can I get internet without Wi-Fi? ›

So is there such a thing as non-WiFi internet? Definitely. In fact, all of the information on the internet passes through wires at some point. These can be fiber optic cables that send data to and from the physical servers (basically a fancy computer without a screen) that host most of the information on the internet.

What equipment is needed for ATT fiber internet? ›

For fiber internet, you need a modem to connect your house to the internet. For fiber internet, this is the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) that the AT&T technician will install in your home. You'll also need a Wi-Fi gateway that creates the home network for your devices to connect to.

Can I just move my AT&T router to another house? ›

Just contact a moving specialist at 800.288.2020, share your preferred installation date, and you'll get a confirmation email within 24 hours. That's pretty much all there is to it.

Can I use my own router instead of ATT gateway? ›

You can definitely purchase your own router of choice, it would be placed behind the ATT gateway turning off ATT Wi-Fi service. As the gateway equipment is still needed to authorize your account you cannot remove equipment or the charge.

Can your neighbors use your internet? ›

There is no uniform federal law that explicitly allows or prohibits using a neighbor's Wi-Fi in the United States, though the criminal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act comes close.

How can I make my own Wi-Fi without a router? ›

5 Steps to Build a Wireless Home Network Without a Router

Give your Hotspot a Name (SSID) and Password. Add emojis and special characters to your hotspot name to make it more personal! Select the Internet connection you want to share. This can be any type of connection: Wi-Fi, wired Ethernet, 4G, VPN adapters, etc.

Who is the best Wi-Fi provider? ›

  • The 10 Best Internet Providers of 2023.
  • AT&T Internet.
  • T-Mobile Home Internet.
  • Cox Communications.
  • CenturyLink.
  • Comcast Xfinity.
  • Verizon Fios.
  • Google Fiber.
Feb 15, 2023


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