How much does it cost to mount and balance a tire? (prices 2022) (2023)

How much does it cost on average to mount and balance a tire?

The cost of fitting and balancing services typically varies from one shop or service center to the next. This price also varies in some cases depending on tire size and whether a wheel is equipped or notTPMS sensors. In other words, this total installation price largely depends on the exact circumstances of the job.

The cost of tire fitting and tire balancing also varies based on the terms of service plans selected at the time of service, whether or not a tire disposal fee is required, and whether the tires in question are to be subjected to standard or road force balancing.

Nonetheless, the average cost of mounting and balancing a tire ranges from $15 to $60. The lower end of this spectrum applies largely to smaller sedan tires that are mounted on steel wheels and balanced on a standard wheel balancer. At the other end of the spectrum are large or flat tires that are mounted on custom rims and balanced with adhesive weights.

It's also worth noting that some stores charge premium prices for mounting tires over a certain size, or for mounting tires on custom rims of any kind. Because of this, it's worth phoning ahead to check prices ahead of time to make sure there aren't any surprise charges. Most chain-type service centers also offer such prices on their websites.

What are the labor costs?

In general, virtually all of the costs associated with mounting and balancing tires are in the form of labor. This is due to the fact that little material is used during the assembly and balancing process.

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However, instead of charging based on their typical hourly rate, most shops charge a set fee per tire wheel when fitting and balancing tires. This fee typically includes the use of consumables, eliminating the need to bill for such costs separately.

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What is the parts cost?

As previously mentioned, there are very few instances where a shop will bill separately for the consumables used during the assembly and balancing process. This is due to the fact that the only consumables used in maintenance operations of this type are wheel weights and a small amount of bead lubricant.

Overall, this stress is extremely small compared to the amount of labor required to mount and balance a tire. In fact, probably no more than $5 of the total cost associated with such services is attributed to parts/accessories usage.

When should you have a tire fitted and balanced?

Tire fitting and balancing is a necessary part of buying new tires and largely describes the tire fitting process as a whole. To do this, you must dismount the old tires on your vehicle before mounting the new set of tires that you have purchased. A tire shop or auto service center will then balance your car's tires.

Simply put, tire fitting and balancing is required at any point where a tire change is deemed necessary, be it due toexcessive tread wearor extensive damage. Tire fitting and balancing may also be necessary in the face of a puncture or deflation in the tire necessitating tire repair. This is because a tire must be disassembled to be repaired correctly.

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Failure of a tire pressure monitoring sensor also makes it necessary to disassemble, reassemble and rebalance a tire since the sensor in question is internal. A technician must disassemble a tire to gain access to the faulty sensor, which is ultimately discarded in favor of a new, fully functional replacement.

Another instance where tire fitting and balancing might be required is whenever a motorist chooses to fit tires with a special design for seasonal use. This is always the casewinter tyresare placed on a vehicle in preparation for upcoming treacherous road conditions. When fitted, these new winter tires must be balanced to ensure a quality ride.

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How much does it cost to get a tire fitted and balanced at the dealer compared to other places?

In most cases, a dealer can be expected to charge for mounting and balancing tires at the higher end of the above price range. This price is typically above the $40 per tire mark, with similar services costing significantly more at some dealerships.

At a dealership, your tires will most likely be fitted using a top-of-the-line, precision tire machine, complete with all the necessary adapters to prevent bead damage in even the most difficult of cases. Additionally, the majority of dealers have now switched to using specialized road force balancers, which tend to be extremely precise.

Against Walmart Tire/Lube Express

Walmart currently charges $10 per piece for tire fitting and offers balancing services for a fee of $14 per tire. However, it's worth noting that this one-time fee of $14 allows consumers free rotation and balancing of any tires for which it is charged. Simply put, for $24 you can have a tire fitted/balanced and come back to balance as many times as you like for free.

Vs discount tires

The exact price Discount Tire charges for fitting and balancing tires varies from region to region. However, the overall average cost of these services tends to be just under $22 per tire. However, for this fee, consumers also get lifetime freetire rotationsand scales, as well as comprehensive road hazard coverage.

Against Costco

Costco is another mega-retailer that offers multiple in-house automotive services. The store offers a combined fitting and balancing service that costs $18.99 per tire. However, there is one important factor consumers need to be aware of. Costco will only fit and balance tires that they sold, completely excluding the installation of tires from all other sources.

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Against Sam's club

Like its parent company, Walmart, Sam's Club offers tire fitting and balancing services at many of its locations. The wholesaler currently assembles and balances tires for $20 each. For this price you not only get a mounted and balanced tire but also a lifetime mounting and balancing service for that particular tire. This package also includes free lifetime home repairs.

Against Pep Boys

Pep Boys is another major national chain known for offering quality car services. In general, the cost of fitting and balancing tires at Pep Boys varies depending on the location and the type of tire to be serviced. However, a service of this type costs about $30 per tire on average, although this price increases significantly for premium-grade tires.

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Where should you go to have a tire fitted and balanced at the best price?

It's not hard to find the value of Discount Tire's fitting and balancing services. The company offers such services at a price that is in line with, if not below, the industry average. Even more impressive is the fact that Discount Tire gives consumers great bang for their buck even at this price point, offering a range of free warranties and service packages.

Every tire fitted and balanced by Discount Tire comes with a free lifetime service package, eliminating all associated coststire rotatedor settled at a later date. I think that's a nice touch as it avoids constant spending for a customer throughout the life of the tyre.

With more than 1,000 branches, consumers also have many options to have their tires serviced. In fact, there are few destinations in the continental United States that a motorist can reach that are further than a short drive from the nearest Discount Tire. To me, this would provide a significant peace of mind beyond the norm.

It's also worth noting that Discount Tire subjects each of their tire technicians to rigorous training to ensure they are qualified for most tire-related endeavors that they undertake. I feel that this extra training goes a long way in helping special tires, e.g. B. those with low profile, are not damaged during the assembly process.

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How do I avoid getting ripped off when mounting and balancing a tire?

The number one way to avoid getting ripped off when fitting and balancing a set of tires is to only trust reputable and established dealers. Tire shops and service centers rely on word of mouth to do business. As such, it's probably worth looking into a deal that has a near-pristine reputation.

This type of verification is important because a tire can be irreparably damaged during the fitting process if handled by inexperienced personnel. If a tire's bead is not adequately lubricated and force is not applied at the correct point, a tire's bead and sealing surface can crack, rendering it unusable.

Also, balancing tires properly requires a technician to be patient, attentive, and experienced. Balancing tires is something of an exact science that requires you to be focused and do your best to get the results you want. This is essential sinceunbalanced tirescan make for a hard ride at moderate speeds.

You can easily verify that your tires have been balanced after installation by checking for the presence of new aluminum wheel weights. On the other hand, if you find that your vehicle's wheel still has one or more dingy, aged wheel weights in place, you can probably assume that no true balancing has taken place.

How can you save money mounting and balancing a tire?

Most service centers charge a flat fee to fit and balance a set of tires. This fee is usually non-negotiable, although in certain cases a shop can waive these fees if the tires to be fitted were purchased in-house. However, this is not possible if you have already purchased your own tires through a third party such as Amazon or Tire Rack.

Money can also be saved on future fitting and balancing costs by planning ahead when purchasing a new set of tires. While this planning level usually entails a small amount of additional work initially, it saves a considerable amount of cash in the long term.

It is always advisable to have your bike's valve stem replaced at the time of fitting a new tire. This adds little more than $2-$3 to pending installation fees and potentially saves you from having to dismount, remount and rebalance a tire in the near future, all in the name of an aged valve stem.

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It's also important to consider purchasing an additional Road Hazard Warranty, which is offered with the purchase of a new set of tires. Purchasing this cover will waive all bracket and balance related fees incurred by future maintenance services such as B. apartment repairs, largely eliminated.

Of course, money can always be saved by going the extra mile to properly service the tires you already own. This, in turn, drastically reduces the number of tires a vehicle goes through during its lifetime. become periodicWheel Alignment and TiresRotations go a long way toward achieving this goal.


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