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There is no doubt that your car is one of your biggest investments, so choosing the right place to change your oil is certainly a cause for concern. Nowadays, finding the best place for an oil change and car repair is not an easy task due to the wide range of choices on the market. However, you should focus on some of the best oil change agencies to make the job more manageable. Big O tire oil change service is surely the best choice for your routine oil change service. You will find many reasons to choose the larger tire oil change service as detailed in this chapter.

Who are the Big O Tires?

Big O Tires is an American company that deals in particular with the vehicle tire industry and the automotive aftermarket. In addition, the company also offers many other vehicle preventative maintenance services. Some people call Big O tires the founders of aftermarket automotive parts. Today the company has made a name for itself in tire retail. Headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, it has more than 450 locations in nearly 23 states. In fact, the company as a whole is part of the larger TBC Corporation.

Big O tire difference

  • Trusted tire and automotive solutions company operating since 1962.
  • An extensive network of more than 450 locations in more than 23 US states.
  • Offer its customers a very attractive motorist insurance program.
  • A very professional and competent team of technicians.
  • Consists of millions of satisfied customers.

Big O Tires oil change service

You need to perform regular oil changes to improve the performance of your car's engine and increase its longevity. When you drive your vehicle, engine oil circulates through your engine. Therefore, over time, motor oil degrades and loses its ability to function as an effective lubricating fluid for your vehicle's engine. It also greatly loses its ability to carry heat like it used to. You need to keep your eyes and ears open and you should knowthe symptoms when your car requires an oil change.

Luckily, the Big O Tires have many oil change service packages available at almost all of their service locations. The company has a team of professional, experienced and highly cooperative technicians who can help you choose the most suitable oil change package for your vehicle.

Secondly, the Big O Tires are oil change professionals and therefore only use high quality oil brands such as Mobil-1, Pennzoil and Quaker State. Above all, every oil change service includes a comprehensive vehicle inspection and a free oil filter. Therefore, it is highly recommended to choose the oil change service from your nearest Big O Tires location. To do this, you can easily make an appointment either online or by visiting your neighboring Big O Tires location.

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Why Big O Tires Oil Change Service?

At Big O Tires, the oil change professionals will help you select the best synthetic conventional or fully synthetic oil from a variety of well-known brands, based on your vehicle manufacturer's specifications. This comprehensive oil change service on the larger tire replaces your oil with a new premium quality oil and oil filter. This also includes a thorough vehicle inspection including a complete inspection for any engine leaks and checking of all fluid levels and much more.

What is included in the Big O Tires oil change service?

The oil change service on the Big O tires is a comprehensive preventive maintenance service that not only includes the oil change but also includes:

  • Your selected premium quality oil brand as recommended by your vehicle manufacturer and endorsed by the experts at Big O Tires.
  • Oil filter replacement.
  • Lubrication and oiling of all engine fittings.
  • Checking all important fluid levels in your engine.
  • A thorough inspection of hoses and engine belts.
  • Check tire pressure and adjust pressure according to your owner's manual.
  • A full underbody inspection of your vehicle's engine.

What is engine oil?

It is a thick and semi-viscous liquid responsible for lubricating and cooling your engine. You can call it blood to your vehicle's engine, which is obviously essential. No vehicle with a diesel or petrol engine can do without engine oil. However, every vehicle has different oil requirements, some call for less viscous oil while others call for thicker oil. This largely depends on the year of your car and its make and model. For the exact information, you should consult your user manual.

What is the Big O Tires Free Vehicle Inspection?

The Big O Tires free vehicle inspection includes nearly five parts premium quality oil, a free new quality air filter and the following:

  • Fluid level check for essential fluids in your engines such as engine oil, brake oil, coolant, power steering fluid, water solvent and automatic transmission fluid.
  • Visual and physical inspection of filters, including cabin filters and engine air filters.
  • Full visual inspection of vehicle underbody for damage to engine hoses, engine belts, exhaust system. It also includes a battery fluid level check.
  • Visual inspection of the entire brake system of your vehicle, including brake shoes and brake pads, by experienced specialist technicians.
  • Visual and physical inspection of suspension and steering components such as knuckles and boots, shock absorbers, drive train mounts and CV axles.
  • Inspection of a lighting system of your vehicle. This includes inspecting headlights, parking lights, license plate lights, turn signals, brake lights, backup lights and other lights on your vehicle.
  • Examination of all lights on your instrument panels such as engine light, tire pressure monitoring system light and other important dashboard lights.
  • Verification of the expiry date of the state inspection, if necessary.

Big O Tires Oil Change Packs

The Big O Tires is a trusted oil change service agency operating since 1962. The company offers its customers numerous oil change service packages. You can easily find conventional oil, synthetic oil and high mileage Royal at any Big O Tires location. The company has a strict policy of using only those oil products in your vehicle that are recommended by your vehicle manufacturer. Therefore, before visiting Big O Tires, you must consult your owner's manual for the exact recommended point drive for your vehicle.


A. Big O Tires Conventional Oil Change Pack

What is conventional oil?

Conventional oil is a refined product made from petroleum-based stocks that exhibit enhanced engine protection properties. It has more capabilities compared to synthetic oil. In addition, conventional oil tends to thicken at low temperatures and thin at higher temperatures.

What is included in the Big O Tires conventional oil change package?

In this package, Big O Tires offers premium quality Quaker State branded conventional oil. The benefit of Quaker State conventional oil is its ability to increase the longevity of your engine. In addition, this top-of-the-line conventional oil offers some protection against contamination and corrosion or wear in your engine. The other important aspects of this pack include:

  • 5 liters of high quality Quaker State conventional motor oil.
  • Free oil filter change.
  • Precise tire replacement service, free of charge if necessary.
  • Check the tread depth of all your tires and check the tire pressure.
  • Big O Tires special vehicle inspection.

B. Big O Tires high mileage engine oil change pack

Was ist High-Mileage Oil?

High Mileage Oil is a synthetic-based petroleum product that is especially important for older vehicle engines. Key ingredients in high mileage Royal include seal swells, conditioners, detergents, antioxidants and friction or wear additives to protect the engine from damage of any kind. The most important job of high mileage oil is to protect your engine from four main types of damage including friction, sludge, deposits and leaks.

What is included in the High-Mileage Oil Change Package at Big O Tires?

The high mileage or semi-synthetic motor oil is especially important for vehicles with more than 75000 miles or more. High Mileage Pennzoil Oil is available at Big O Tires for the valued customers. This oil is known for its ability to ward off friction and corrosion phenomena in older engines through its calculated anti-wear factor additives. Big O tire engine oil change package, which cancels out high mileage, includes:

  • 5 liters of pure high mileage motor oil or semi-synthetic motor oil, especially Pennzoil motor oil.
  • Free replacement of the old oil filter.
  • Free tire rotation to get the most out of your vehicle tires.
  • Precise control of tire tread depth and tire pressure.
  • Complete free vehicle inspection by experienced Big O Tires technicians.

C. Big O Tires Synthetic Motor Oil Change Pack

What is synthetic engine oil?

Synthetic oil is the result of synthetic-based stocks or petroleum products. The main role of synthetic oil in your engine is to provide enhanced protection against engine problems such as pollution deposits, friction and heat.

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What's in the Big O Tires Synthetic Oil Change Pack?

The following three types of synthetic oil change packs are available from Big O Tires:

  1. Mobile 1 plastic package
  2. Shell Rotella® T4 triple protection
  3. High mileage Pennzoil Synthetic or Synthetic Package
  4. Conventional & Conventional Premium Oil Change

1. Mobil 1 plastic package

Mobil-1 engine oil has the perfect properties to protect your engine from any effects of wear and corrosion. It also has the ability to extend the life of your engine. The oil is equally good for aged engines as for brand new engines. It guarantees protection against sludge and deposits in your engine, reduces oil degradation and reduces overall engine wear. This oil is excellent for severe weather situations, especially extreme winters and extreme summers. The other important aspects of this pack are:

  • 5 quarts, 100% pure premium quality fully synthetic Mobil-1 motor oil.
  • Free oil filter change with high quality filters.
  • Check tire pressure, tire tread depth and carry out a free tire change.
  • Complete visual and physical inspection of your vehicle by experienced technicians of the big O tires.

2. Shell Rotella Triple T4-Schutz

If you have an old and fairly hard working engine, Shell Rotella Triple T4 Protection can be your first choice. It has the ability to protect and secure your engine from corrosion and wear and can adapt well to your driving habits. It is the customer's first choice for hard-working old diesel engines and new modern technology in low-smoke engines. Shell is a trusted and reliable oil brand that has been operating for decades and has the distinction of receiving the best engine oil approval from the world's leading engine manufacturers. You realize that Shell Rotella has many distinctive specifications. There is no doubt that this oil is perfect for all types of engines including agricultural, construction, road fleet, public transport and diesel pickup engines. Similarly, this motor oil is equally effective for heavy-duty diesel engine vehicles that require massive power and generate a large amount of heat and stress. The following are the notable properties of Shell Rotella motor oil:

  • Increase the life of your vehicle engine.
  • Provide excellent safety protection against the effects of corrosion and wear.
  • Guaranteed protection against all oxidation effects for a decent driving experience.
  • Gives very good viscosity control and very decent oil pressure due to increased shear stability properties.
  • Satisfactory emission control system for your vehicle engine.
  • Provide adequate floor ventilation for all types of engines.

Frequently asked questions about changing the oil at Big O Tires

What is the main difference between synthetic and conventional oil?

Conventional oil and synthetic oil change in the process of formation. Also, there is a big difference in the type of additives used in their formulation. Although both are products of petroleum-based stocks or other petroleum products, overall they contain quite a different number of ancillary products.

How muchdoes a major oil change cost for an O tire?

The oil change price for large O tires is $55-$70. The price varies depending on the service, but this price is for a standard synthetic oil change. This synthetic oil swap price includes a new filter, drain plug gasket and five liters of conventional 0W-20 motor oil with a new oil filter. The synthetic blend is a blend of 30 percent petroleum and 70 percent synthetic oil.

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What does the Big-O tire synthetic oil change include?

The Big-O Tire Synthetic Oil Change is a standard oil change for most vehicles. Also, this is a synthetic oil change and not petroleum based. This service also includes new parts such as the drain plug gasket and oil filter, as well as five liters of conventional 0W-20 engine oil with a new filter.

When can I make an appointment for my synthetic oil change at the big o Tires shop?

You can easily arrange your synthetic oil change appointment online or by telephone. You can also drop off your car for this service if you cannot get an appointment. Scheduling an appointment online is the quickest option and you can see when a technician is available.

Do I have to do anything before I have my synthetic oil changed at the Big O Tires shop?

When you come into the store, be sure to have your driver's license or insurance information ready. This is also a good time to do other maintenance if needed, like an oil change or tire rotation.

What are the benefits of a synthetic oil change at Big o Tires Shop?

The main advantage of changing the synthetic oil on your vehicle is that you are responsible for the future maintenance of your car. This synthetic oil change helps keep the engine running smoothly and efficiently.

When is it recommended to have your vehicle's oil changed on Big-O tires?

It is recommended to change the oil every seven thousand miles. This synthetic oil change also depends on the type of oil used.

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How long does a synthetic oil change at the Big o Tires shop take?

Changing the synthetic oil in Big O tires takes about 30 minutes. This is a standard time for any type of service and the technician should be able to give you an estimate once the service is underway.

Is changing the Big O Tires synthetic oil safe for my vehicle?

Yes, the Big-O tire synthetic oil change is perfectly safe for your vehicle. This is a standard oil change and will use the synthetic oil you already use in your engine.


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