Best tire changer and wheel balancer combos: time to take matters into your own hands (2023)

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Best tire changer and wheel balancer combos: time to take matters into your own hands (1)

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Tire changers and wheel balancers are serious machines that make big bucks. It's very important to do your research on everything you're considering so you know where your money is going. My selections are largely based on what's available to the general public through easily accessible retailers, but I've taken the time to research everything I'm highlighting to make sure it will serve the average consumer well. I made sure of thatresearch each of the listingsto better understand what they bring to the table. This information, combined with the features each has to offer, allowed me to create a list that has something for everyone.

Best Tire Changer Balancer Combo Reviews and Recommendations


  • Manufacturer:Triumph
  • Item number:NTB-950 NTC-550
  • Maximum tire diameter:43 inches


  • Compatible with large tires
  • Great online support
  • Easy to use
  • Quality construction


  • Replacement parts can be difficult to find
  • Often damaged in shipping

This Triumph tire changer and wheel balancer combo is an easy choice for the best overall win. Its ability to handle up to 43-inch tires helps it stand out from those with oversized tire changes on their agenda. It also comes with a user-friendly layout that makes everything from setup to operation easy for everyone. The price is competitive and the quality is good enough for some professional shops to use. The deal gets even better with its 110 volt power dependency, making it possible to include this machine in any garage.

If there's an issue you need to look out for, replacement parts can be a little tricky to find. Also, some units are reported as damaged in shipment, so it's worth inspecting yours upon arrival.

best value

Mayflower 1.5 hp tire changer wheel changer balancing machine

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  • Manufacturer:Maiblume
  • Item number:560/680
  • Maximum tire diameter:35 inches


  • Affordable price
  • Works with wide wheels
  • Great quality and performance for the price
  • Guarantee included


  • Fittings make maintenance difficult
  • Difficult to drive with low profile tires

While "affordable" isn't a term you would use to describe a tire changer/wheel balancer combo in a normal discussion, the Mayflower is the option many will go to when budget space is tight. Even as an affordable option, it covers all the bases. This setup works with tires up to 35 inches in diameter and wheels up to 12 inches wide. The quality and performance is also on par with many machines offered at a higher price point, and even the one-year warranty that you'll typically find at a higher price point is matched here.

Before you make the spur of the moment decision to snag the Mayflower, know that it notoriously struggles with low-profile wheels and tires. Also, reports indicate that the US market uses unusual fittings within the system, which can pose a problem for maintenance.


  • Manufacturer:nationwide
  • Item number:TC-530, WB-953
  • Maximum tire diameter:38 inches


  • Low maintenance
  • self-diagnostic systems
  • Competitive price
  • Three centering cones cover most applications


  • Expensive
  • The low arm is a clearance issue for wider wheels

The Nationwide tire changer and wheel balancer combo is a solid option for many shops. It's an easy-to-use setup that works with up to 38-inch tires. The machines are fairly basic but come with a pressure regulator, water separator and oilers to make your life easier so you can get the job done and minimize maintenance. The integrated self-lubricating wheel balancer even has a self-diagnostic system that optimizes efficiency. A competitive price also helps the Nationwide combination catch the attention of many.

Unfortunately, the lower arm presents problems with wider wheels and tires, and this just doesn't work for some applications. It's also expensive and just doesn't fit into many budgets.


  • Manufacturer:XK USA Inc.
  • Item number:XKUSAINC560680
  • Maximum tire diameter:37 inches


  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to use
  • Good quality for the price
  • Competitive pricing


  • Plastic mudguards break easily
  • Air pressure problems are common

XK USA INC. Tire Changer Combo is perfect for a small workshop without a large volume that needs a good machine for changing and balancing tires. It is among the cheapest options, but the quality far exceeds expectations. Its operational capabilities are comparable to more expensive units and it works with tires up to 37 inches. Set up is very simple, minimal assembly is required and the system is just as easy to use.

It's a close second as the pick for best value for money, but a few minor issues prevent it from earning that title. The plastic wheel guard tends to break easily, and the air pressure gauge is a common problem area. Luckily, the customer service is very responsive and users report that they respond quickly to any issues. You might choose this over the others because of this.

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  • Manufacturer:Maiblume
  • Item number:980/800
  • Maximum tire diameter:44 inches


  • Compatible with large tires
  • Competitive pricing
  • Great quality and performance for the price
  • Guarantee included


  • Quality control issues are relatively common
  • Bad customer service

This Mayflower tire changer and wheel balancer combo is a fantastic option for those working with oversized tires. It can handle up to 44-inch tires and has a maximum weight capacity of 155 pounds, but you can use it with regular road car tires as well. The Mayflower name also delivers the product at an extremely competitive price point that most will appreciate, with a quality that exceeds expectations. And despite what the low price might suggest, a warranty is part of the deal.

The main issue holding this product back is poor customer service. This might be easy to miss in most cases, but relatively common quality control issues make it an issue that consumers grapple with on a regular basis.

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Our verdict

Overall quality and performance put theTriumph NTC-950 & NTB-550 Tire Changer Wheel Balancer Combo Packat the top of our list. However, theMayflower 1.5 hp tire changer wheel changer balancing machineis a good choice if you are working on a tight budget. Of course, it's important that you read the specs of any tire changer and balancer combination you're considering to make sure it will work for you, regardless of what others have to say.

Think second hand

When we start shopping for tools and products, we never overlook the used market. In fact, it's usually the first place I look. Whether you scroll throughAmazon is renewedSection, eBay forcar partsorTool, or scroll through the pages ofFacebook MarketplaceAndCraigsliste, have hundreds of thousands of used tools, parts and gear ready to be shipped to your door. Refurbished to like-new condition, they'll be ready to give you many more years of reliable service while saving you money in the process.

If these options don't have what you need, your local junkyard is great for auto parts, while swap meets are a great resource to take advantage of. Just google either and head down.

Second hand tips

To make your used car search easier, here are two tips for finding the best deals and making sure your new stuff hasn't been destroyed by the previous owner.

  • Check your local classifieds before buying new ones. Many high-end models are sold cheap because a store is either upgrading or closing. Make sure it's fully working or repairable before you buy it.
  • Don't worry about buying your tire changer and wheel balancer separately as it may be impossible to find a used set to match. It also helps to buy machines with suitable manufacturers, but it is not necessary.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Tire Changer Wheel Balancer Combo

As complicated as these machines may seem, you only need a little bit of information to start the selection process. After going through the details below, you can start comparing factors like quality and ease of use to narrow down your choices.

Key Features

wheel and tire size range

Both wheel balancers and tire changers are designed to work with a range of wheel and tire sizes. Assemblies that are too small simply do not fit in both machines. And although a size larger than this range can fit, attempting to work on it will damage the machine. Manufacturers often list the size ranges in the listing's description for ease of verification before purchase. Even if you think your size is common enough, it's a good idea to check the size range to make sure you don't end up with a system you can't use and have to return.

power supply

Assumptions are never good when it comes to machines of this caliber. Most of your options are designed to operate on a 110 volt power supply, but power supply is something you should always check before making a purchase. You need to make sure you buy a machine that your shop is equipped for. Even if your shop has 110, 220, and even 240 volt power supplies, you need to choose the right setup as it will determine where you can place these machines in your garage.

Included tools

You need more than just the machines to do the job you intend to do. Tire levers and valve stem removal tools are two mandatory tools for this type of job. Some sets may include these tools, but you should not assume this. It's worth checking what's included so you know what to buy so you can get to work as soon as the tire changer and wheel balancer arrive.

Combo prices for tire changers and wheel balancers

If you're just changing tires for your personal vehicles or fleet, you can invest in a combo set in the $2,000-$3,000 price range. These are consumer tools that are more than good enough for this level of work. If you're buying for a professional deal or just want the best in terms of quality and precision, you'll likely be paying around $4,000 or more.

frequently asked Questions

Any questions.The ridehas answers.

Q: What are the two types of wheel balancers?

A:Static and dynamic. Dynamic is the superior choice as it balances the wheel and tire assembly in conditions that reproduce what the vehicle will face.

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Q: Can tires be mounted incorrectly?

A:Yes. Some tires are directional and the tread pattern must point in a specific direction. They can also be damaged during installation, improperly balanced, etc. It is important to fully understand the tires you are working with and the fitting process before attempting the job yourself.

Q: How not to scratch rims on a tire machine?

A:Careful work and using the right tools for the job at hand is usually sufficient to avoid scratching the wheel when fitting the tyre. Rushing the job or using tools like pry bars instead of tire levers will easily damage the wheel.

Q: Where can I recycle my old tires?

A:Tire dealers often accept used tires for a fee or you can take tires to a recycling center near you. If you intend to reuse your old tire as a swing, garden barrier or anything else, make sure there are no exposed cords or straps as they can cause injury.


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